Formed at the end of 2019 Bite of Karma was put together by guitarist Thomas Hill, after years of being in bands gathering experience and observing what was going on in the music world. The band is a mix of musicians that were found along the path that ultimately led to the formation of Bite of Karma. This makes the band a very eclectic mix of members from all over the world and all kinds of backgrounds with a strong passion for rock music in all it’s variants. 

Their sound sits right in the middle of indie rock and alternative rock, combining the best of both worlds to create a new sound, with huge stadium-ready-sing-along choruses and face melting guitar riffs and drum fills. 

Mainly influenced by the likes of the Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, Queens of Stone age, The Cribs… You will hear references and nods, but the sound stays true to what the band represents and the individuality of its members. 

Bite of Karma are filling a gap in rock music and fusing the best parts of the different rock sub-genres, not only to create a new sound, but to bring everyone who loves these bands and genres together in a celebration of rock music. 

From the intricate riffs and lines you can hear in songs like “Floating” and “Reason”, to the big chords and choruses in songs like “Believe me when I say”, the band is always trying to keep the listener engaged whilst also providing some good vibes and catchy melodies that the listener can take with them wherever they go.